SIMPLer Features Log

Listing of all features by Quarterly release date.

NOTE: Some features will be detailed under the "Documentation" library. If the feature you require is not there, a link will guide you to its location. 

2024-2Q: [Billing] Broadband 'Nutrition' Labels 

2024-2Q: [MAINT] Additional Maintenance Tickets

2024-1Q:[DASH] Sales Metrics

2024-1Q: [Billing] US Payments IVR

2024-1Q: [CRM] 'Select All' for Multiple Selection search drop-downs

2024-1Q: [EUP] EUP App - Progressive Web App

2024-1Q: [MAINT] Search 'Installation Date' - Maintenance Page

2024-1Q: [CRM] Search Mode for Custom Fields

2024-1Q: [DASH] Additional Status to 'This Month Status Change' - Dashboard

2024-1Q: [CRM] Subscription Performance Updates

2024-1Q: [CRM] New Search options added to Customer Search Page

2024-1Q: [CRM] Including images in HTML Mass mails and Email Templates

2023-4Q: Filter 'Status change' Date on Maintenance Page

2023-4Q: [REPT] Export Master Portal Users

2023-4Q: [CRM] Automatic Reconnection Fees for additional Customer Statuses

2023-4Q: [CRM] Signing Quotes Feature

2023-4Q: [CRM] SMS Template for Mass SMS

2023-4Q: [REPT] Revenue per site Reports

2023-4Q: [ACCS] Credit Description Nominals 

2023-4Q: [DASH] ARPU and Revenue

2023-4Q: [CRM] Preview email template

2023-3Q: [EUP] 2FA for EUP

2023-3Q: [CRM] Package Custom Field

2023-3Q:[CRM] Cronjob: Trigger: Radius Username Change

2023-3Q: [CRM] Cronjob: Auto Customer Status Change

2023-3Q: [ACCS] Aged Debtor Report - Filter by Status

2023-3Q:[CRM] Refer-a-Friend Feature

2023-3Q: [CRM] Custom Fields: User Rights 

2023-3Q: [SAND] SAND Notification 1 and 2 off / Auto-pay Group

2023-3Q: [CRM] 1-Click unsubscribe to marketing emails

2023-3Q: [CRM] Master / Sub accounts - Plume

2023-2Q: [ACCS] Google Pay

2023-2Q: [ACCS] Apple Pay

2023-2Q: [MAINT] Mass mail / SMS from Maintenance Page

2023-Q2: [REPT] BDC (Broadband Data Collection) Reports

2023-2Q: [CRM] Customer Custom Tables: Import Data Option

2023-2Q: [CRM] Send Email with Video Link to Customer

2023-1Q: [CRM] Show Last Ticket Update on Maintenance Page

2023-2Q: [MAP] Google Map - Maintenance Ticket Subtype

2023-1Q: [REPT] Voice Call Report

2023-1Q: [CRM] Voice Contracts

2023-1Q: [REPT] Email Report Now

2023-1Q: [CRM] Maintenance Tickets - Search by Custom Fields

2022-4Q: [CRM] QR code on Invoice 

2022-4Q: [CRM] Service Location Flag

2022-4Q: [CRM] Auto Add Credit Days when Reconnecting Post Accounts

2022-4Q: [MAP] View Customers based on Site

2022-4Q: [REPT] SIMPLer Reporting Tool

2022-3Q: GUI - Customer details Auto-Reload 

2022-3Q: [API] Customer Type Aliases 

2022-3Q [CRM] Maintenance Tickets - Select multiple users from dropdown 'Remind User'

2022-3Q: [SAND] First Invoice Notice (Email and SMS)

2022-3Q: [ACC] Lodgement Search Option

2022-3Q: [SAND] Invoice Due Date Calculation: SAND Deferred Customers

2022-3Q: [ACC] Tie API User to Payment Type (USPayment)

2022-3Q: [REPT] FCC - Form 477 / BDC Report addition

2022-2Q: [EUP] Authorize.Net - EUP Auto Payment update

2022-2Q: [EUP] End User Portal payment notifications

2022-2Q: [INST] Maintenance Tickets - Unassigned Tickets

2022-2Q: [CRM] Search for Customers with no Sub Status

2022-2Q: [CRM] Mass Emails – defaults set

2022-2Q: [INST] Only show Maintenance Tickets owned by user

2022-2Q: [ACCS] Sales (nominal account detailed) report additions

2022-2Q: [REPT] Customers - by Invoicing Date Report updates

2022-2Q: [ACCS] Bulk downloading Invoices by timeframe

2022-2Q: [CRM] History for Equipment from customer account

2022-2Q: [ACCS] Addition of columns to Transaction Log Report

2022-1Q: [CRM] Clickatell Auto Response Addition

2022-1Q: [REPT] Daily Customer Count Report

2022-1Q: [CRM] Email Template for Email Trigger

2022-1Q: [REPT] Customers - Moved to Status Today

2022-1Q: [REPT] Free Service Customers Report

2022-1Q: [API] Integration: Plume

2022-1Q: [ACCS] First Payments Report

2022-1Q: [ACCS] Email Template for Failed E-check / Direct Debit Payments (Authorize.Net)

2022-1Q: [REPT] Ticket Repeat Offenders – Update

2022-1Q: [CRM] Last 5 Sent Electronic Document Log

2022-1Q: [ACCS] Aged Debtor Report - additional options for automatic report

2022-1Q: [ACCS] Invoice PDF Queue Option

2022-1Q: [EUP] Automatic "End User Portal" activation - additional options

2022-1Q: [INST] Manual Entry of Installation Date

2022-1Q: [MAP] Google Map default view

2022-1Q: [CRM] Customer Age and SAND Trigger Count

2022-1Q: [CRM] Customer Group priority

2022-1Q: [ACCS] Custom Invoice from Maintenance Ticket

2022-1Q: [REPT] Customer Spreadsheet Report

2022-1Q: [EUP] Electronic Document Dynamic fields EUP 

2022-1Q: [ACCS] Cronjob: Generating custom documents from existing invoices 

2022-1Q: [CRM] Clickatell – Opt-In / Out

2021-4Q: [CRM] Email Customers - updated options

2021-4Q: [EUP] Show oldest unpaid invoice first

2021-4Q: [CRM] Generate link to Electronic Document

2021-4Q: [CRM] Automatic email when maintenance ticket changed to waiting for customer

2021-4Q: [CRM] Cronjob – Export Customer Spreadsheet

2021-4Q: [REPT] Sales Metric Report

2021-4Q: [ACCS] Auto Apply Credits to Custom Invoice

2021-4Q: [CRM] Display Linked Site and Equipment Tickets on Customer Account

2021-4Q: [MAP] Google Map - Toggle Points of Interest on or off

2021-4Q: [RAD] Radius database - custom database port

2021-3Q: [CRM] Mandatory Customer Phone Number

2021-3Q: [ACCS] Allow / Disallow the modification of Invoice numbers

2021-3Q: [CRM] Automated Emails - 1 week and 1 year after install

2021-3Q: [CRM] Normalize Customer Phone - Separator

2021-3Q: [CRM] Dashboard Detailed View

2021-3Q: [CRM] EBB Report

2021-3Q: [ACCS] Projected Overage Report & Turn ON/OFF Overage Subscription

2021-3Q: [CRM] Maintenance Tickets - Customer Routing Options

2021-3Q: [INST] Hide Installer

2021-3Q: [MAP] Google Map - Installer & Installation Date

2021-3Q: [MAP] Google Map - Maintenance Tickets

2021-3Q: [CRM] Default EUP Visibility for Maintenance Tickets

2021-3Q: [ACCS] - Configure Declines 

2021-3Q: [SAND] Additional Invoice SAND Notifications

2021-3Q: [ACCS] Aged Debtor Report - Custom Periods

2021-3Q: [CRM] Community Code tied to an Installer

2021-3Q: [RAD] TTL – Delete RADIUS Username

2021-3Q: [ACCS] Password PDF Protection

2021-3Q: [CRM] SMS Log

2021-3Q: [MAP] TowerCoverage link to Master Map

2021-3Q: [CRM] SIMPLer GPS Coordinates on Customer Details page

2021-3Q: [CRM] Display customers by status

2021-3Q: [CRM] Send Mass SMS - filter from Customer search page

2021-3Q: [ACCS] Date format for US operators

2021-3Q: [CRM] Sort Order - Customer Statuses

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Enabling Authorize.Net E-check / Direct Debit Auto Failures

2021-2Q: [CRM] Hotspot Token Expiry Notification

2021-2Q: [CRM] Alianza API integration

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Automatic Emailing of Customer Statements – addition of a Bcc email address and Ageing to Cronjob

2021-2Q: [ACCS] New Customer - Defer Auto Payment On Activation

2021-2Q: [REPT] Top 20 Usage including Gateway Details

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Duplication Alert when attempting to add a Duplicate Payment

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Adding a Manual Refund

2021:-2Q: [MAP] Adding a link to a .kml file on Map

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Compliance Solutions 

2021-2Q: [ACCS] Voice Billing 

2021-1Q: [CRM] Mass SMS Customers with a Minimum Outstanding Balance

2021-1Q: [ACCS] Auto-assigning Groups from Subscriptions 

2021-1Q: [INVT] New Equipment Default Type

2021-1Q: [ACCS] Prorating a First Invoice using a Predefined Invoicing Day

2021-1Q: [SAND] Customers able to request receiving Daily Cap Email

2020-4Q: [ACCS] Refunding a Prepayment

2020-4Q: [CRM] Copying a Quotation to a new Quotation

2020-4Q: [APP] Deleting equipment from the Mobile App / Updating a CPE

2020-4Q: [CRM] Include Email sent to Customer from a Maintenance Ticket in Resolution

2020-4Q: WIB Alert Banner

2020-4Q: [CRM] Automatic Post Date in the Future

2020-4Q: [ACCS] Refund an Invoice with a Future Date

2020-3Q: Provisioning equipment before installation

2020-3Q: Ability to show Ticket Types on the EUP

2020-3Q: [EUP] Change Default Username

2020-3Q: Paperless SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

2020-3Q: Ability to assign current Nominal Codes to Bad Debt and Credit Notes

2020-3Q: Reports - Ticket Repeat Offenders

2020-3Q: Limit the Number of Tickets created on the EUP

2020-3Q: Sales Team Member Notified of Tickets Created under their Customers’ Accounts

2020-3Q: Show or Hide Payment Types on the EUP

2020-3Q: Ability to Define Custom County List

2020-3Q: [NWK] Network: IPv6 Delegated Prefix Support

2020-3Q: Lorex Marketing Integration

2020-2Q: Ability to Email Customer from a Maintenance Ticket

2020-2Q: Mass Mailing an Account that is both a Master and Sub Account

2020-2Q: Daily Cap Reset Time

2020-2Q: Ability to Search for Maintenance Tickets in Last Number of Days

2020-2Q: Google Calendar Location Settings

2020-2Q: Processing Bank Statements

2020-2Q: Bucket Updates - Separate Throttled up and down rates

2020-2Q: Aged Debtor Mass Email

2020-2Q: Auto Reports File Format

2020-2Q: Blank Default Ticket Type 

2020-2Q: Reports: Ability to show Invoice Type

2020-2Q: Disable Automatic Invoice Emails sent to Operators

2020-2Q: Form 477 - Fixed Voice and Product Subscription (fvs & fbs)

2020-1Q: Daily Usage Allowance

2020-1Q: AutoTax per Subscription

2020-1Q: Invoice Aggregate Taxes

2020-1Q: EUP Signature Collection

2020-1Q: Daily Usage Cap

2020-1Q: SIMPLer Customer Visit Notification SMS

2020-1Q: BILLING: List Pending Subscription under Customer Details page

2020-1Q: Hotspot: Master/Slave Product

2020-1Q: Identify Nominals in use

2020-1Q: Billing: Additional Automatic Invoicing States

2020-1Q: EUP: Download Statement

2020-1Q: SIMPLer: Aged Debtor Periods

2020-1Q: Ability to Control Email Notification Options for Maintenance Tickets

2019-4Q: [NWK] Network Health Monitor Updates

2019-4Q: Cronjob - Hotspot: Turn off used up customer accounts

2019-4Q: Customer Spreadsheet - Hotspot sheet

2019-4Q: Hotspot: Customer Search - hotspot username option

2019-4Q: API Integration: Zhone - Connect ACS

2019-4Q: Shell Commands Queue

2019-4Q: Cancel Customer Subscription

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: Default Payment Type - Blank

2019-4Q: Send Emails on Trigger

2019-4Q: Calix API Integration

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: Subscription Custom Fields

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: Carry Over Unused Allowance - Max Data Allowance

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: Generate Invoice PDF from API

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: Filter Invoices by Groups

2019-4Q: SIMPLer: End User Portal Display Available Products

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Weekly Throttling

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Restart Subscription Every Year

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Delete Lodgement => Delete Prepayments

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Custom Invoice - Defer SAND option

2019-3Q: Reports: Ticket Number By Suptype

2019-3Q: Methods to create Credit Notes

2019-3Q: AutoTax: Regexp Matching Mode

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Mass Note

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Email Customers - select email receivers

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: Autotax - TAX Level

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: View Customer Status Change History

2019-3Q: Cronjob - Network Health Monitoring Trigger (Baicells/Zhone)

2019-3Q: Map: Maintenance Category

2019-3Q: GDPR: Custom TTL Conditions /Triggers

2019-3Q: SIMPLer: New Activated Customer - SAND Defer Date

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Subscription Consolidation On Invoice

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Autotax

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Franchise Tax (On Top of Invoice)

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Custom Site Tables

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Hide non-current subaccounts

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Maintenance Subtype Mandatory

2019-2Q: Mobile App Maintenance Type and Subtype Search

2019-2Q: SIMPLer Mobile App: Equipment Scanning

2019-2Q: Reports: TAX breakup per invoice

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Custom Fields Notification

2019-2Q: Billing: Support for DataMatrix Barcodes on invoices

2019-2Q: Reports: Totals

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Operator defined Maintenance States

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Multi Subscription Select

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Address Lookup - Loqate Integration

2019-2Q: Reports: Aged Debtor

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Auto Ticket

2019-2Q: CRM: Maintenance Types Customise Default Title

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Subscriptions Report

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Financial Totals - Multiple Groups, Sites, "reverse" option

2019-2Q: Baicells: Update Equipment IP addresses dynamically from EPC

2019-2Q: Hotspot: Token Spreadsheet - additional columns

2019-2Q: SIMPLer: Invoicing Frequency Change

2019-1Q: Hotspot: Customer Details - Token Management Page updates

2019-1Q: Hotspot: Customer Details - Additional Token details

2019-1Q: Installer tracking Check-IN/Check-OUT mobile app

2019-1Q: SAND: Carry Over Unused Monthly Allowance

2019-1Q Auto Create Ticket

2019-1Q: Restricted Simpler IP logins Security Feature

2019-1Q: Equipment Health Summary

2018-4Q: Auto-populate address from Eircode

2018-4Q: WithHolding Tax support

2018-3Q: Electronic documents Dynamic field Customisation

2018 3Q: [NWK]Network: GenieACS and Fritz!Box support

2018-3Q: CRM: Maintenance Types Customise Default Description

2018-3Q: Map: Google API

2018-2Q: Billing: Upgrade Subscription - Add to Next Invoice Date

2018-1Q: SIMPLer: Embedding SpeedTest in EUP (End User Portal)

2018-1Q: Maintenance: Auto-Priority change

2017-4Q: Billing: Invoice to Date for EFT Payments

2017-4Q: SIMPLer: Subject Access Request

2017-4Q: SIMPLer: Time to Live Configuration

2017-4Q: EUP: Custom external pages

2017-4Q: SIMPLer: Update WIB Files Alerts

2017-4Q: SAND: Send SMS Notification

2017-3Q: Rejected Payments Auto-Processing

2017-3Q: SIMPLer: Import Template

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Default Phone Type

2017-2Q: Billing: Auto Payment Delay

2017-2Q: SAND: Bcc disconnections/throttling only

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Multiple Tracking Definitions

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Copy Billing Address

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Link to Customer from Ticket

2017 2Q: Network: rncontrol API support

2017-2Q: EUP: Send EUP Login Details Automatically

2017-2Q: Billing: Under EFT Period

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Enhancements to Last 5 Notes

2017-2Q: SIMPLer: Different invoice email templates

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Triggered Callback - SIMPLer API

2017-1Q: MasterPortal: Reports

2017-1Q: Billing: Generate Multiple Bad Debt Notes

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Daily Throttling

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Network Scan - Update site based on NAS IP

2017-1Q: Billing: Post/Email "Zero Amount" invoices options

2017-1Q: MasterPortal: Landing Page

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Maintenance Ticket Type Email Routing

2017-1Q: Network: Auto-append RADIUS username suffix

2017-1Q: MasterPortal: View "My tickets" / "My group tickets""

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Tie ticket type with user group

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Tie Ownership with User ID

2017-1Q: SIMPLer: Form 477 - Common advertised speed for Fixed BroadBand Subscription

2016-4Q: Custom Fields Available for General Details Section

2016-4Q: Network: Default Gateway

2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Emailing Maintenance Ticket to Customers

2016-4Q: EUP: Delete Bank Account Option

2016-4Q: Recent Invoice Batches

2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Auto Email Reports

2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Sitemap

2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Customize Reasons for Custom Credits

2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Customize Customer Status

2016-3Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Customize Customer Types

2016-3Q: SIMPLer: EUP Bank Restriction Options

2016-3Q: EUP: Hide county and country

2016-3Q: CRM: HTML option for emails

2016-3Q: Network: New Equipment Report

2016-Q3: CRM: Email with post customers excluding SAND

2016-3Q: CRM: Default county, state or country when adding a new customer

2016-2Q: SIMPLer: Network Scan - Update Frequency / Colour (SSID))

2016-2Q: EUP: Option to Update End User Portal Tickets

2016-2Q: CRM: Default Ticket Type

2016-2Q: Network: IPv6 Support

2016-2Q:CRM: Auto Close tickets waiting for customer

2016-2Q: Billing: Invoice Due Date Offset

2016-1Q: CRM: Maintenance Types Customization

2016-1Q: CRM: Address Verification

2016-1Q: Network: Equipment Customization

2016-1Q: CRM: Email To Link on Maintenance Tickets

2016-1Q: Reports: Customers By Invoicing Date

2016-1Q: CRM: Timed Reminders

2016-1Q: EUP: Disable Individual EUP Account

2016-1Q: CRM: Subscription Search - Include Inactive

2016-1Q: Reports: Customers: Last Modification

2016-1Q: PROVISIONING: Provision Now Support for Cambium ePMP1000

2015-4Q: CRM: Show Customer List Button for Mass Email

2015-4Q: Map: Show Customer Search Results

2015-4Q: Billing: Primary/Secondary Options for Subscription Override

2015-4Q: CRM: Rich text for notes field

2015-4Q: Network: Equipment Vendor Settings

2015-4Q: CRM: Show all sites on PTP Analysis Page

2015-4Q: Billing: CAP calculations for negative amount subscriptions

2015-4Q: Billing: Subscribtion items with 0 quantity

2015-4Q: Network: Reboot Equipment from Customer Details

2015-4Q: Billing: Every [N] Invoices behaviour

2015-3Q: CRM: Customer search options by Sales Team

2015-3Q: FTP Attachments - Library

2015-3Q: Maintenance: Saved Searches

2015-3Q: CRM: Email to CI

2015-3Q: EUP: Ability to turn OFF Auto-Payment in EUP

2015-3Q: EUP: End User Portal Terms & Conditions - Timestamp

2015-3Q: CRM: Community Codes editable table

2015-3Q: Billing: SEPA Lodgement date options

2015-3Q: Billing: Nominal Codes

2015-3Q: Billing: Invoice Batch Generation Limit

2015-3Q: Billing: Running Balance for Financials

2015-3Q: CRM: Ticketing Enhancements

2015-3Q: Network: Assigned Site - Tree Option Search

2015-3Q: CRM: Enhancements to Mass Email Feature

2015-3Q: NETWORK: Usage / Overage Report - Customer Status search option

2015-3Q: BILLING: Fixed TAX Fees

2015-2Q: CRM: Vacation Customers in SIMPLer

2015-2Q: SIMPLer: Customer Search Options

2015-2Q: Billing: Download Next Invoices

2015-2Q: SIMPLer: Enhancements to Templates

2015-2Q: Billing: Early/Late Invoice Generation per WISP/Group/Customer

2015-2Q: SIMPLer: Usage/Overage Report Enhancements

2015-1Q: SIMPLer: Customer Address Details Settings

2015-1Q: SIMPLer: Report Open Transactions Only

2015-1Q: Form 477 - Fixed Broadband Deployment based on the antenna approximate coverage

2015-1Q: Triggered based interface for remote APIs

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Reset Usage for specified time period

2014-4Q: SAND: Usage Exemption CAP

2014-4Q: Billing: Salesman Details Columns option for Spreedsheets

2014-4Q: Maintenance: Ticket Recipients

2014-4Q: RADIUS: Auto-Buckets: Change 'current' group from cronjob

2014-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: External Tax Calculators support

2014-4Q (v003): SIMPLer: Customer Visit Notification

2014-4Q (v001): SIMPLer: Form 477 - Date Used

2014-4Q (v001): Network: Throttling Data Exemption

2014-4Q (v001): Billing: Totals & ADR based on the billing period date

2014-3Q: EUP: Auto Payment Message Customization

2014-3Q: Billing: Sales & Overage Report

2014-3Q: Billing: Bank-all on totals reports

2014-3Q: Network: Site Access GPS Coordinates

2014-3Q: SIMPLer: Sidebar on Customer details page

2014-3Q: EUP: End User Portal Updates

2014-3Q (v001) : SIMPLer: Form 477 Updates

2014-3Q (v001): Enhancements to Customer Grouping

2014-3Q (v001): SIMPLer: View Customers by Network Status

2014-3Q (v002): EUP: Data Purchase Email

2014-3Q (v001): EUP: Show Usage Pie Chart Option

2014-2Q (v004): SIMPLer: Voucher Payments via mySIMPLer

2014-2Q (v001): SIMPLer: Marketing Code Definitions

2014-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: GPS Format

2014-1Q: Network: Activate CPE IP

2014-1Q: SIMPLer: Auto-Provision section re-label

2014-1Q: (v002): NETWORK: CPE IP address dynamically updated from RADIUS sessions

2014-1Q: (v001): Support for TowerCoverage

2014-1Q: (v001): EUP: Enable Auto-Payment Checkbox

2014-1Q: (v001): SAND: Display SAND Status on Subscriber Record

2014-1Q: (v002): SIMPLer: Automated Daily Reports

2018-2Q (v004): CRM: Send SMS (Clickatell, Twilio and Zingle)

2014-1Q (v002): EUP: Payment/Credit Receipt

2014-1Q: Network: Support for Netflow Export

2014-1Q: Billing: Taxed Amount Report

2013-4Q (v001): Billing: Refunds via Payment Gateway

2013-4Q (v001): SAND: Product based Time of Day Usage Exemption

2013-4Q (v002): RADIUS: Synchronise Radius Groups from Buckets - 'Default Group' Options

2013-4Q (v002): Billing: "Generate Invoice" button

2013-4Q (v002): Billing: Send email when subscriber signs up for Auto Pay

2013-4Q (v002): Billing: Upgrade Customer Subscription

2013-3Q (v001): SAND: Clear Negative Overage Top-ups Option

2013-4Q: Billing: Dedicated IBAN field

2013-4Q (v001): EUP: Custom Payment section - display options

2013-3Q: Network: Clear CPE colours not assigned to basestations

2013-3Q: (v002) RADIUS: Generate DEFAULT Password option for new RADIUS usernames

2013-3Q: RADIUS: Delete IP details from RADIUS when disconnecting customer

2013-3Q: (v001): Billing: Defer Customer Auto Payment

2013-3Q: EUP - Payment Transactions Log

2013-3Q: (v001): Billing: CC/E-check Transactions Log in SIMPLer

2013-2Q: (v001): MAP: Opened Maintenance Tickets

2013-2Q: (v001): RADIUS: Service Log

2013-2Q: (v002): BIlling: Custom Invoice Product Tax Used Option

2013-2Q (v002): Send invoices of send method "send via post" to an external FTP server

2013-2Q (v002): Subscriptions: Active / Retired

2013-2Q (v002): Network / RADIUS: Auto Radius Groups (from Traffic Shaping Buckets)

2013-2Q: (v002): SIMPLer: Manage Maintenance

2013-2Q: (v002): Billing: Auto-Payment Processing Day

2013-2Q: (v003): SAND: Divide Subscription Allowance by Customer Frequency

2013-2Q: Customer Details Page: Updates to Radius Details section

2013-2Q (v002): Customer Subscription - Sort Priority

2013-2Q (v003): Billing: Information of Credit Card / EFT account used to make a payment

2013-2Q (v003): EUP: Customer Payment Confirmation

2013-1Q (v003): SIMPLer: Sub-Accounts

2013-1Q (v002): Network: Assign To Site and Equipment Status Change Dates

2013-1Q (v002): Billing: Direct Debit / EFT Fail Charges

2013-1Q (v100): Billing: Invoice - show only payments before actual invoice date

2013-1Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Custom Tables

2013-1Q (v002): RADIUS: Buckets Summary Graph

2013-1Q (v001): SIMPLer: Customer Email Integration

2013-1Q (v002): RADIUS: Customer account links on management pages

2013-1Q (v100): Dynamic Product Price on Customer Account

2012-4Q (v001): User Rights Documentation

2012-Q4 (v002): Customer Spreadsheet Download for Search Results

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Global Usage / Overage Report

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Products Spreadsheet Download

2012-4Q (v002): Network: Customer CPE Modify: Site / Basestation (colour) improvements

2012-4Q (v002): Network: Close Stalled Sessions

2012-4Q (v002):  Billing: Send Customer Invoice Receipt

2012-4Q (v002): Billing: Send Receipt upon payment

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: User Rights Templates Enhancements

2012-4Q: SAND: Do not set 'valid from' date on overage topup subscription

2012-4Q (v002): Billing: Ability to save payment on account when invoice is credited out.

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Reset Usage for specified time period

2012-4Q (v002): EUP: Hide customer defined password in email being sent out to the customer

2012-4Q (v002): NETH: Customer CPE - send alert email on communication issues

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: "Today" button on Totals page

2012-3Q (v002): Billing / Network: Auto Traffic Shaping Buckets (from Subscription Products)

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Ability to fail prepayments

2012-3Q (v002): SAND: Limit Traffic Emails amount

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Auto-Close Maintenance Tickets On Customer Status "survey failed"

2012-3Q (v002): Network: Network Scan - Ability to exclude equipment from scan

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Adjustable NHM parameters

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Receive Payment - Cumulative Receipt

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Receive Payment - process in background

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Dynamic Values for Mass Mail

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to copy invoice positions

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tunnel Details

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Default Distributor / Value Added Reseller

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: New Sub-menu

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Prepayment Receipts

2012-3Q (v002): Inventory: "Convert to Basestation" button

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Statement Template

2012-3Q (v002): Inventory: New Status - decommissioned

2012-3Q (v002): Hotspot: Ability to use hotspot product once per day.

2012-3Q (v002): Network: Reboot WIB-C from SIMPLer

2012-3Q (v002): SAND: Overage T&C Agreement Page

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports - Site Financial Report

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Maintenance Ticket Attachments

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports - Salesman Filters

2012-3Q (v002): Mikrotik - Simultaneous Access

2012-2Q (v002): Download Customers MailLog option

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to add extension to phone number

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: SAND - Lodgement Failure

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Lodgement Processing Date User Right

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Nominal Ledger Report

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Aged Debtor Reports

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Cash Payment Report per SIMPLer user

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Gateway User Rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Send out maintenance ticket email

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Site costs user rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Sites/Equipment Custom Fields

2012-2Q (v002) - SIMPLer: Customer Bandwidth Usage Source

2012-2Q (v002) - SIMPLer: Currency Fraction Digits

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Authorization Codes for CC/E-echeck transactions

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Every [N] Invoices

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Check for duplicate IP addresses

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tracking Colour

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Google Contacts Integration

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: User Password Enhancements

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Update All WIB Files

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to overwrite title/body of Credit Card Expiry Notification E-mail

2012-2Q: EUP: CAP display options

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Auto-Payment - Send Receipt

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Lodgement Reference setup

2012-1Q Mikrotik: Contention Rates Implementation Guide

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Inventory Enhancement

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Maintenance Issue Search Engine

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Last 24 Hours Top 20 Usage

2012:-1Q: SIMPLer Form 477 Integration 

2012-1Q: CORE: WIB Traffic Shaping Enhancements

2012-1Q: SIMPLer: Archive IP Usage Data

2012-1Q: CDR Rating Tool

2012-1Q: Billing: Add credit under "Assign customer credit to the invoice" page

2012-1Q: SIMPLer: New Customer Equipment Graphs and NAT

2012-1Q: Sales Pipeline Definitions

2012-1Q: Request Tracker (RT) Integration

2012-1Q: Network: Fetch frequency, SSID/Colour from the basestation

2012-1Q: ADMIN: Update WIB files - Detailed History

2012-1Q: ADMIN: Sales Opportunity Type - Highlight attribute

2011-4Q: SIMPLer: User Rights template 

2011-4Q: SIMPLer: Sales Tracking Guide

2011-4Q: SIMPLer: Ping tool

2011-4Q: SIMPLer: Consolidate Subscriptions

2011-4Q: Map: Google Earth – Coverage Checker Implementation

2011-4Q: EUP: Support Tab

2011-4Q: Billing: Credit Card Auto - Payment Attempts

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Session Disconnection (PoD) Interface

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: SAND more frequent execution

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: SAND Minimum Amount Owed

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: New SAND options: 'Carry Over unused top ups to next month' & 'Prorate initial month usage flag 

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Minimum Stock Level for Install Crews

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Default Customer Note

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Custom maintenance types

2011-3Q: SIMPLer: Assigning Inventory to Install Crew 

2011-3Q: SIMPLer and EUP: Customer Traffic Daily Usage listing interfaces

2011-3Q: BILLING: Import Non-EFT payments from CSV file

2011-2Q: SIMPLer: Installer Tracking Email

2011-2Q: SIMPLer: Automatic User Reminders

2011-2Q: SIMPLer: Automatic Reconnection Fee

2011-2Q: SIMPLer: Automatic Nickname Generation

2011-2Q: SIMPLer API

2011-2Q: Provisioning: MIR/CIR Bandwidth Settings

2011-2Q: Maintenance Ownership 

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Weekly based SAND

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Time of Day Data Usage Exemption

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Periodic Network Scan

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Network Interface Notification based on Interface Role

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Failed Auto-Payment Subscriber Notifications

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Customer GPS Update Too 

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Customer Attachments handling enhancements

2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Add Plan / Product Package 

2011-1Q: Map: Google Earth Integration

2011-1Q: EUP: Disallow editing credit card details

2011-1Q: EUP: Bandwidth Purchase

2011-1Q: EFT processing - Consolidate Customer Payments for a bank account

2011-1Q: EFT processing - Allow minus amounts in EFT payments

2011-1Q: BILLING: Custom non-EFT payment

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: WIB static routing

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Equipment page Enhancement

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Multiple Phone Number per Contact

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Landing Page

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Individual Notes Fields

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Import Interface

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Customer Groups

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Custom Fields in Customer Record

2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Change History

2010-4Q (v100): SIMPLer: Campaigns

2010-4Q: PROVISIONING: Set subnets and MAC address in Provision Now!

2010-4Q: BILLING: Prorated Invoices

2010-4Q: BILLING: Including Tax Breakup on Invoice

2010-4Q: BILLING: Including Credit Reason Text on Invoices

2010-4Q: BILLING: Group customers by "Customer Group" under EFT/non-EFT payment page

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Radius Server Integration

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Recently Viewed Customers List

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Future Post Dates

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Enhanced Site details and New search based on 'Assigned Site'

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Default Search Customizable

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Customer Throttling Through SAND

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Customer Contacts Improvements

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Customer Contact Form

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Billing Issue Auto Creation / Closure (SAND)

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Ability to preserve operator's map current view settings

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Ability to defer SAND and exclude disconnection on specific days

2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Add Files to Customer Record

2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: Provision Now Support For Ubiquiti Nanostations

2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: Provision Now support for MikroTik routerboards

2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: Ability to define DNS servers on per WIB basis

2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: "Provision Now" support for Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU

2010-3Q: EUP: Ability to change customer's End User Portal username

2010-3Q: CORE: WIB groups - MultiHome support

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Virtual WIBs

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: DHCP support for more than one WIB in parallel

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Automatic Equipment Parent Associations

2010-2Q: STATs: Financial Report for Custom Payments

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Temporary Internet Disconnect

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Resend Invoice to the Customer 

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Multiple Credit Card (CC) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) accounts

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Login Improvements

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Enhanced Ability to Mass Notify Customers

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Search for Customers by Site & Basestation

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Search by Bank Details

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Ability to overwrite purchase order number on Custom Invoice

2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Ability to enable / disable specific credit card type

2010-2Q: PROVISIONING: Customer and Equipment IPs on different WIBs

2010-2Q: PROVISIONING: Ability To Provide Notes When Provisioning

2010-2Q: EUP: Mandatory Check and Quick Update on Credit Card Fields

2010-2Q: CORE: Automatic TCP Dump

2010-2Q: CORE: Additional VLAN support

2010-2Q: BILLING: Invoice Data Usage and Allowance

2010-2Q: BILLING: Custom Credit Card Payment processing

2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Ability to auto-generate Equipment IP Address for a Specific Subnet

2010 1Q: SIMPLer: Email Notification to Alert when a Network Interface's available IP addresses are being depleted

2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Product Nominal Accounts

 2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Migrate Customer Account to another database

2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Invoice Based SAND Auto-Reconnect

2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Financial Database Lock

2010-1Q: PROVISIONING: Multiple Equipment per Subscriber Record

2010-1Q: BILLING: Product Description and Price Override feature

2010-1Q: BILLING: List Future Subscriptions under Customer Details page

2010-1Q: BILLING: Import Billing Feature - Batch uploading of Subscription Records into SIMPLer

2010-1Q: BILLING: Flexible Tax system

2010-1Q: BILLING: Direct Debit Processing

2010-1Q: BILLING: Bad Debt Management

2010-1Q: BILLING: Ability to define an "Invoicing ID" counter

2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Email Notification to Alert when a Network Interface's available IP addresses are being depleted

2009-4Q: STATs: Report of Sales Revenue by Products

2009-4Q: STATs: Consolidated reports for MasterPortal

2009-4Q: PROVISIONING: Record the initial RSSI and Jitter data

2009-4Q: PROVISIONING: Installer Tracking Feature (ITF)

2009-4Q: NETH: Ability for SMS alerts to be sent to Multiple mobiles

2009-4Q: MAP: Operators Google Map integration

2009-4Q: EUP: Automatic "End User Portal" activation

2009-4Q: CORE: Custom DHCP Config files

2009-4Q: BILLING: Subscription/Product Enhancements + SAND Overage Billing

2009-4Q: BILLING: Invoice's to include statement details

2009-4Q: BILLING: Early Invoices Generation feature

2009-4Q: BILLING: E-check Payment Processing via EUP (End User Portal)

2009-4Q: BILLING: Ability to disable emailing of "Banking Information"

2009-4Q: ADMIN: Remote Access for Operators