2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Multiple Phone Number per Contact

1. Overview

Multiple phone number per contact feature allows operator to add more than a one number per existing customer and contact person. It allows to choose a label to phone number as well. As addition operators can add a Skype name to a contact details.

2. Customer Details

Multiple phone numbers can be added during modifying Contact Details page from a costumer. All phone number per contact are displayed on Customer Details page (see Figure 1.).

Figure 1. Displaying all phones on "Customer Details" page

3. Contact Details

On the Contact Details page you can add so many phone number to main contact and each contact person as you want. As additional information you can add Skype name to contact person (see Figure 2.). To each number you should assign one of the following labels:

    • (P) - private,

    • (W) - work,

    • (M) - mobile.

Note 1: The same phone number with other label are the different phone numbers e.g. "(W) 1234" and "(P) 1234" are different phone numbers.

Note 2: To update changes choose ''Update Customer' button.

Figure 2. Adding multiple phone number per contact and Skype name

4. Editing Contact Details

To edit contact details choose button "Edit Contact" on "Contact Details" page. On "Contact Details" (edit contacts) page you can choose one of the existing buttons (see Figure 3.):

    • Delete phone - will delete phone which is located in 'Selected number field',

    • Modify - will modify phone number which is located in 'Selected number field',

    • Add - will add a new phone number.

Note 1: If you choose one of the number from 'Selected number field'' it will automatically put the selected number and label to 'Add/Modify field'.

Note 2: To update changes choose ''Update Contacts' button.

Figure 3. Editing multiple phone number per contact and Skype name

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