2FA Authentication (see also Useful link: Authenticator Apps)

The ability to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your User Accounts has been released on SIMPLer. This adds an extra layer of security on SIMPLer's login process and is STRONGLY Recommended for ALL User Accounts. 

1) Enable Two Factor Authentication

To enable two factor authentication on your account go to Settings->Account.

2) Setting 2FA Type

Note that there are two 2FA Types:  (a) Request if change detected and (b)  Request at every login.

- Request if change detected: This is the default mode, SIMPLer will automatically detect if you will be asked to enter your authentication code.

- Request every login: This mode will ask for your authentication code every time you login.

3) Scan QR CODE and activate in your app

At the moment there are two modes: Off and App.

To enable 2FA change the 2FA mode to app, this will display a QR CODE, you can then scan the QR CODE with your favourite authenticator app.

Note that there are a  list of recommended apps at https://sites.google.com/a/azotel.com/wiki/authenticator-apps

Once the QR CODE has been scanned in your app, it will generate a 6 digit code every 10 seconds, insert this code from your app in the text field in Step 2
as shown below in Fig 3.a.

Click the green update button to enable 2FA.

4) If using a desktop version of an Authenticator Program

Should you be using a desktop authentiator program, such as Authy, you will need to enter the token displayed above the QR CODE.

Enter the token from your user settings in the desktop program - highlighted in red in Fig.1.a below (Fig 3.a)

You will then be able to generate the 6 digit code. This code must be inserted  in the text field in step 2 as shown below in Fig 3.a.

Click the green update button to enable 2FA.

Fig 3.a: User settings authentication section

5) Common user errors

5.1) If you are getting the error message saying your 6 digit code is wrong, please check the below:

- Your mobile device Date and Time might be incorrect, to check it is all correct turn on the auto date and time on your device.

Fig.5.a: Android and iOS auto date time setting.

- You have rescanned the QR code if the code has been re entered.

5.2) If you are getting the error message saying your 6 digit code is wrong you might be using the wrong token or previously inserted token:

This can happen if you insert the code wrong the first time, each time the page reloads you will need to scan the 2fa QR code or token in the app again or you will be using the incorrect code, this is just during activation.

5.3) Force Enable Two Factor Authentication on next login.

There are two ways of forcing 2fa activation on next login for a user

5.3.1) We have added a SPID setting that will force all users to enable 2FA on the next login if not already enabled, this allows you to make sure any account that has access to your instance has 2FA enabled.

5.3.2) You can enable this per user under the user account settings and turning on the checkbox "Force 2FA on User".

Note: If you do not see the option to "Force 2FA on User" you will need the user right users-> force 2fa

5.4) Master Portal 2FA Sync to all servers

If you use SIMPLer's master portal we have implemented a feature that will let you turn on 2FA on all servers in your master portal group for your account.

Simply select "yes" on the "sync active 2fa token update" dropdown under your (user account settings on your master portal) and click update.

Note: the sync dropdown will only be visible after you have successfully activated 2fa on your master portal account.

Note: If your userid and email address is different on the master portal than a SIMPLer server it will not sync.

Note: If you never used the mater portal before and wish to use this feature you will need to contact support@azotel.com so we can allow your master portal to connect to your multiple servers.

Useful link: Authenticator Apps

Published Date: [04/Jun/2019] by Anthony

Change History Log: [30/Jan/2020] by Heather

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Contact Azotel Support:

Need more help? Save time by creating a maintenance ticket to Azotel through your instance. 

6) How to RESET 2FA for another UserID

The correct way to reset 2FA for a user that is not your own account is to turn 2FA OFF and then select the force 2FA option, so the next time they login they will be forced to enable 2fa.