Authenticator Apps

You can use any two factor authenticator app that supports the TOTP algorithm (, the ones below are the apps we recommend to use with SIMPLer.

1) Authenticators for Windows 10 and macOS

** The App to use to download to your desktop/ laptop if you do not have a mobile device.


2) Authenticators for Mobile Devices

a) Google authenticator

3) General Notes

  • Backing Up Codes:

Note that on Android it is possible to generate from the Google Authenticator App, one big Qcode and export / import all at once. This is useful to have in case the App fails or when switching phones.

  • How to restore a failed APP on IOS, without having to restore all codes:

The following steps are a useful procedure, should an APP fail on your iPhone and it needs to be deleted / restored. These steps will allow the codes to be saved, while just the APP itself gets replaced - saving the hassle of re-setting up all codes.

Useful link:

2FA Authentication

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