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Azotel General

FCC Deadlines

SIMPLer Version

Dashboard: Revenue Queries

Dashboard: Flexible Customer Types

How to Change Default SMS Text

2018-1Q EUP: Speed Test Embed Code

RADIUS Link to External Monitoring Platform

Adding a User in SIMPLer

RADIUS Link to External Monitoring Platform

Editing SIMPLer Templates (Variable Lists)

How to open an Azotel CI (Maintenance Ticket)

How to Change Default Email Text

How to update notes on the invoice template

Third Party User Access

Timing of going to status POST

IPv6 Support

Display figures correctly on Internet Explorer

SMs Configuration not updating Customers from Post to Current

2019-4Q: Shell Commands Queue

Customer Relationship Management

Adding Attachments in SIMPLer

Cannot view Customer Subscriptions

Deleting a Customer Account

Mass Email

Vacation Customers in SIMPLer

Billing and Payments

Early Invoice Generation

How to see if an invoice has been successfully emailed to a customer

Mid Cycle Package Changes

Processing Credit Card Payments in SIMPLer

Products: Partial Taxes on Products

Reflecting Refunds in SIMPLer

The difference between "Apply Payment to Customer" and "Apply Payment to invoices"

Billing Sub Accounts under a Master Account

How to change the invoice number


Modify SAND Status per Customer

How to have Setup Fees Paid in Instalments

Failing a Payment from a Batch

Future SAND Disconnection Report

Temporarily Disabling SAND

Auto-Lodge Prepayments

General Ledger Export Synchro File Functionality

Installation and Provisioning

New Customer Auto-Provisioning

How to Use Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar/Contacts Activation

Provision Without CPE

Bandwidth Management

How to Use the HTTP Redirection & Whitelist

Setting up Throttling

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring Alert Flow

Address already in use message on WIB console


Internet Explorer - Remove Security Warning


Mikrotik: Use host names in the firewall

MikroTik: Setting Up the Walled Garden for PPPoE users

RADIUS setup and troubleshooting

Setting up a MikroTik Router as a HotSpot

Duplicate RADIUS Sessions

Throttling for RADIUS Customers


2FA Authentication

Authenticator Apps

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