Early Invoice Generation


Operator bills customers on a certain date but would like invoices to be generated prior to this date.


Using the following example to demonstrate how this is done: Invoice date is the first of the month and operator would like invoices to be available 20 days prior to this date.

Step One:

Go to settings ---> modify WISP. (See figure 1)

Figure 1: Modify WISP

Step Two:

Scroll down on this page until you reach the SIMPLer settings (see Figure two) and you will need to update the field Billing - Early Invoice generation offset with the number of days earlier you wish invoices to be available, in this case the number is 20. (As in Figure two)

Figure Two: Billing - Early Invoice generation offset.

Step Three:

Be sure to apply the changes by clicking on Update WISP at the top or bottom of this page. (See figure Three)

Figure Three: Update WISP.

Now your invoices will be available prior to the invoicing date. Your invoice will display an invoice date of (for example 1st of the month) even if sent out early in this case.

Possible Questions:

1. Operator: I have SAND set up to auto notify customer of delayed payments. If I can generate my invoices on the 10th of the previous month will they also start receiving these emails early?

Answer: No. In this case SAND runs off the invoice date (ie first of the month in this case) so SAND will run as before.

2. Operator: What happens to these invoices once generated, in relation to automatic payment?

Answer: If you have auto payment set up, it can only run these charges from the invoice date (i.e the 1st) and afterwards.

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