Internet Explorer - Remove Security Warning

SIMPLer is a secure platform for storing customer information. All communication between the client computer and SIMPLer is handled securely using HTTPS. However, the integration of Google Maps on the customer web page does not use a secure connection. When when browsing to a customer page IE will display an warning message about security (Fig 1). Note: the warning message is different for different versions of IE.

Fig 1 - IE9 Security Warning

In order to remove this security warning so that you can have the Google Map displayed you can do the following. Note, the instructions below are in IE9 but they are almost identical in previous version of IE.

1) Go to Internet Option (Fig 2)

Fig 2 - IE9 Internet Options

2) Click on the "Security Tab" and then "Custom Level...". In the new window that pops up scroll down to "Display mixed content" and choose "Enable" (Fig 3). Please note that by doing this you are making your browser potentially less secure. You may alternatively use "Disable" and then the maps won't displayed but your experience will be more secure on untrusted locations.

Fig 3 - Internet Options Security

3) Click "OK" on both dialogue windows to save your changes. When you reload the web page the security warning shouldn't appear anymore.