IPv6 Support

Currently IPv6 is supported in the RADIUS based networks. Specifically using PPPoE services Operators can allocate an IPv6 prefix from an IPv6 pool (and use Framed-IPv6-Pool attribute from Freeradius dictionary) or allocate IPv6 prefix from Framed-IPv6-Prefix attribute.

In order to allocate Framed-IPv6-Prefix attribute to a PPPoE session Operators can define it under Customer IP table (Fig. 1) in SIMPLer and assign it to a RADIUS username as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Framed-IPv6-Prefix support

[UPDATE: 06 Jun 2016]

It also possible now to display IPv6 prefix within the RADIUS Accounting table (under RADIUS sessions) in SIMPLer. In order to get this feature enabled contact support@azotel.com

Fig. 2. Framed-IPv6-Prefix under RADIUS Sessions

[Update: 11 Jan 2017]

IPv6 Interface Details section has been added below the "Network Details" in SIMPLer. This will allow Operators to define the network prefix and prefix length to be generated under customer IP table. Instead of adding the IPv6 prefix manually it would be possible to automatically generate IPv6 prefix under customer IP table

Fig. 3. IPv6 table

Fig. 4. Add/Modify IPv6 interface

Fig. 5. Ability to generate IPv6 prefixes from the customer IP table

Note this is only available for RADIUS based networks.