Processing Credit Card payments in SIMPLer

This document outlines the various methods of paying by credit card in SIMPLer. To execute a payment from SIMPLer using a customer credit card there are four options: Credit Card Auto-Payment, Custom Credit Card Payment, Credit Card Payment (Specific Invoice) and End User Portal Payment.

Before these can be used you must have a payment gateway set up for this purpose:

These can be entered by clicking on the settings tab on your instance, followed by "Payment Gateways" under the billing section of the menu on the left hand side of the page. (See Figure One)

Figure One: Payment Gateways

You will then arrive at the following page. Here, once you click on “add blank row”, your payment gateway can be chosen from a drop down menu, the relevant information added and stored by clicking on “update payment gateways”.(See Figure Two)

Figure Two: Payment Gateway Definitions

Your customer must also have a credit card stored on the system. You can do this from each customer’s main page in SIMPLer. There is a menu on the left hand side where credit card details can be added. (See Figure Three)

Figure Three: Credit Card Details

From here you must “add row”, enter the credit card details needed and store this in the system by clicking on “update”.

SIMPLer: Options to process Credit Cards

1. Credit Card Auto-Payment:

There is an option in SIMPLer to run a script to automatically pick up on any payments to be processed on customer accounts and to process these payments accordingly.

This script must be setup from command line by azotel staff and will charge customers automatically when it needs to do so. It can be set to run daily or weekly to suit the individual operator and therefore facilitate a quick and easy payment by all customers with any invoicing date.

To set up auto-payment you will need to contact Azotel staff. You can contact to set this up.

2. Custom Credit Card Payment:

This option is located on your customer’s page in SIMPLer in the Quick Links under billing details. (See Figure Four)

Figure Four: Quick Links - Custom Credit Card Payment

Once you have clicked on Custom Credit Card Payment (see figure four) you will be directed to this page (see Figure Five) where you can enter the amount manually and select process payment.

Figure Five: Using Custom Credit Card Payment

Please note that by using the custom credit card payment option, the payment amount is automatically applied against any outstanding invoices starting from the oldest one. If not enough has been charged to fully pay off an invoice it is moved to a "Half Paid" status with a partial payment applied. Any over payment is applied to the customer's account as a prepayment, which can then be applied to future invoices.

3. Credit Card Payment (Applied to a specific invoice)

On your customer’s account page there is an option to pay off a specific invoice. Please note that this can only happen if the customer’s credit card details are stored on their account in SIMPLer. (See details above)

Beside any due invoices there is a button to pay with credit card (see Figure Six). When this button is clicked on a pop up window shows up. (See Figure Six)

Figure Six: Pay off invoice - pop up window

Payments can be processed from here and will then be applied to the customer's account in SIMPLer.

4. End User Portal Payment

Invoices can alos be paid off by credit card using the End User Portal. (See Figure Seven)

Figure Seven: EUP

Again, there are two options here: custom payment, where you can choose the amount, and paying off a specific invoice.

The above document explains how to PROCESS payments on customer credit cards. However, if you have received payments externally and simply wish to log them in SIMPLer for reference please refer to the link below which describes how to apply manual payments to a customer account and to specific invoices:

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