The difference between "Apply Payment to Customer" and "Apply Payment to invoices"

What is the difference between “Apply Payment to Customer” and “Apply Payment to invoices”?

Fig. 1: Quick links

Please Note: These links can be located on your customer’s page on the right hand side of the billing details section.

Apply Payment to Customer:

This option should be used for the following cases:

1. Your customer is paying off more than one invoice and you do not mind which invoice gets paid off first.

2. Your customer has many outstanding invoices and is paying them off with a sum of money either:

a) equal to or greater than the amount outstanding.

b) Less than the total amount owed.

The procedure is as follows. Click on apply payment to customer (Fig. 1) and you will arrive at the following page (see Fig. 2)

Fig. 2: Apply Payment to Customer Page

Make sure to fill out the correct date and payment method. Enter the exact amount in amount field and click generate.

Where does the balance go?

The amount entered will start paying off invoices and by default this will pay off the oldest invoice first. Invoices partially paid will remain in half paid status. If the customer’s account is overpaid the balance will go to the prepayments table (See Fig. 3)

Fig. 3: Prepayments

Apply Payment to Invoices:

This option should be used when you wish to log a full of partial payment to a specific invoice.

The procedure is as follows:

On your customer account click on apply payment to invoices as seen in figure one. You will arrive the the following page: (see Fig. 4)

Fig. 4: Apply Payment to invoices

Here you can enter the correct date, payment method, amount and reference to whichever invoices you wish to pay off and click generate. Please note that you cannot over pay an invoice with this option.

Important: These two options are available to log payments manually to SIMPLer. They will not process a payment on a customer’s credit card. To PROCESS credit card payments this can be done:

a) automatically by asking azotel to run a script to pick up payments in SIMPLer.

b) Using “Custom Credit Card Payment” (only if a credit card is on file)

c) Using the pay now button beside the invoice (only if a credit card is on file)

d) Via the End User Portal.