Display figures correctly in Internet Explorer

When using Internet Explorer with SIMPLer please make sure to have "Every time I visit the webpage" option checked under "Temporary Internet Files" tab in "Website Data Settings" in order for SIMPLer to work correctly. If this option is not checked, users may experience that after an update (for example updating price on a subscription) the values may not display correctly. To fix this please follow steps outlined below:

1) Go into tools in Internet Explorer( Fig.1).

Fig.1: Location of "Tools" option.

2) Select "Internet options" (Fig.2).

Fig.2: Internet options

3) On "General" tab under "Browsing History" click on "Settings" button, a window will show up called "Website Data Settings" (Fig.3).

Fig.3: Internet Options and Website Data Setting windows.

4) On the new window, in "Temporary Internet Files" tab, select "Every time I visit the page" option. This should fix the problems with figures displaying incorrectly.