Most operators are using SIMPLer for day to day billing (invoices, payments, etc) and will require reconciling these figures to an accounting system at different periods of the year. This reconciliation can take place as often as the operator would like, but generally takes place once a month, after month end.

To proceed with the reconciliation process the operator can visit the Invoices - Totals Reports page as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Invoices - Totals Reports

By default, this page will show the following:

    • Figures for last month.
    • the report type will be "summary".

Both of these are adjustable to the operator's liking and can be adjusted by changing the dates / report type and clicking the "generate" button.

Fig. 2: Reporting Defaults

The operator may proceed to journal entry the figures from the totals report across to their accounting system for the period in question.

Fig. 3: Figures

Finally, once complete, it is strongly recommended to lock the database up to the date of reconciliation. This means that the figures reported to the accounting package will be frozen, and any adjustments (credits, etc) must be applied to the current period, (i.e this month).

To lock the database please proceed to the INVOICES tab and in the "financial database lock" section please select the date you wish to lock until and click "set database lock".

Fig. 4: Database Lock