2018-1Q EUP: Speed Test Embed Code

New options were added to the operator settings which allow embedding new versions of speed test on the End User Portal.

To embed the code from speed test you need to go tho Settings->Modify WISP and:

    1. Change the 'Network - 'Speed swf object Version' to 'Speed Test Embed Code'

    2. Paste the Code extract from Speed Test in to the 'Network - Speed Test Embed Code' blank field.

See example as follows:

After submitting above changes everything should work instantly.

As a reference below find the Embed Code as a result of setting up an account https://www.ookla.com/speedtest-custom

While setting up Speed Test it is also important to add the URL with EUP hostname.domain (i.e. Embedded Test URL on the screenshot below) as otherwise it will not work.

Note that currently only HTTP is supported, unless a local dedicated Server is setup.

Working example as follows: