Dashboard: Revenue Queries

With respect to how Financial Figures on the Dashboard are calculated, these figures are purely an estimate of recurring revenue. The calculation is based on recurring subscriptions and if there are some quarterly or yearly products the monthly figure is calculated, and added to the revenue total.

The dashboard will only report on current customers, so it will exclude any customers that are “post” due to SAND.

Also in terms of product details the "Subscription Default Type” ‘Recurring’ will only be taken into account and only subscriptions under the “Subscription Default Cycles” will be taken into account if there are cycles left.

Fig 1 Product Details affecting Dashboard Revenue Figures

Note that the dashboard figures should never be used in your accounts. The Totals Report should be used as these reflect the actual true accounts movements and are the figures that need to be used when journaling across to your accounts system.

Published Date: [05-August-2020]

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