Temporarily Disabling SAND

The following explains how to temporarily disable both SAND (Subscriber Auto Notification/Disconnection) completely for all customers.

Traffic Limit based: there will be no notifications, no throttling and no disconnections based SAND.

Invoice Due based: there will be no traffic, no invoices and no payment based SAND

No alerts will be sent out

1. Go to "Settings", "Modify WISP"

2. Scroll down to "Subscriber Auto Notify / Disconnect"

3. Be sure to uncheck the "Notification Emails" and "Throttling / Auto Disconnection"

Should notification emails still be required it is recommended that the following options are DISABLED

1. "Throttling / Auto Disconnection" unchecked

2. "Overage Billing / Throttling / Auto Disconnection" unchecked

Published Date: 18-Mar-2020

Updated: 25-Mar-2020

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