Cannot view Customer Subscriptions


Operator is looking at a customer's account and is sure that subscriptions have been set up but they are not displaying on the customer page. (See Fig.1)

Fig 1: No valid subscriptions

Possible Solutions:

1. Click on modify as in figure 2.

Figure 2: Modify subscriptions

2. You will arrive at the subscription table. There are different options for viewing by type overage, reconnection, recurring and to display all, active or inactive. By default this is set to Type: All and Display: Active. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3: Subscription Table

3. Change the drop down menu to display "all" and check if there are any subscriptions that have

a) expired (ie valid to date is set to a date in the past)

b) been incorrectly set to start at a future date. (see valid from date)

Then change these to reflect the correct information.

4. If your subscription is there but your "next invoice details" are showing an inaccurate date, another important thing to check is the billing frequency you have set for your customer. Check this by going to the location displayed in Figure Four. Please note that this is displayed in months (ie 1 = monthly, 12= yearly)

Figure 4: Frequency

5. If you are still having trouble seeing the correct information after the above settings have been checked you can open a maintenance ticket or contact to ask for assistance.