How to change the invoice number

In SIMPLer, each invoice generated will have a unique number assigned in order to identify the invoice. SIMPLer will begin invoicing for the first time using the first number available in the database (usually 1). An example is shown in Fig. 1. The next invoice number will be generated based on the last number generated. It will take the next available invoice number and continue on.

Fig. 1: Starting Invoice Number

Sometimes operators would like to change this invoice number in order to match up with previous systems, or to tie in with a desired numbering scheme. To change this number, on any invoice generation page (such as Invoices - Generate First Invoices, or Invoices - Generate Invoices) you can manually change the "starting invoice number" field shown in Fig. 2, before generating the invoice.

Fig. 2: Modifying the starting invoice number

Once an invoice has been generated with that number, the next invoice will show the next consecutive number, unless the field is manually modified again.