Throttling for RADIUS Customers

In the case of RADIUS deployments, if throttling is desired for customers, this is done via a "throttled" RADIUS group, linked to a "bucket".

Firstly, the operator would need, at a minimum to have throttling enabled for traffic limit based SAND in the WISP Settings, and also to have a traffic limit assigned to the products that are capped. To ensure that the buckets are setup correctly for throttling please navigate to the "buckets" page for the gateway in questions under the Network - Gateways page.

Under the "throttling %" field enter any value for RADIUS customers. If you are in a "WIB only" network this value will need to represent the speed the customer should get when throttled. 20 would mean 20% of the usual available speed. Next, click on the "RADIUS groups" button as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Network - Gateways - Buckets

On the next page click "add" to add a throttled group to this bucket (and any other groups you might need).

Select the appropriate group and make sure it has a "throttled" type. Click "add".

Fig. 2: Throttled Groups

Once the bucket has the following groups set, these are the speeds the customers will get when triggered to throttled, current, or POST (disconnected):

(a) A current type RADIUS group.

(b) A throttled type RADIUS group.

(c) A disconnected type RADIUS group.