Provision Without CPE

There is a button available in the network settings of the customer account called "provision without CPE". (See Fig. 1)

Fig. 1: Provision without CPE

By clicking on the page you can go through the windows to go through the provisioning process, checking the boxes and settings as per your preference for this specific customer.

In step one, as per Fig. 2. The operator can decide if IP addresses will be generated, and if a CPE entry will be created. In Step two (as per Fig. 3) the bucket, number of IPs and IP type is selected. In Step Three (Fig. 4) the correct subnet is chosen. Finally, in Step Four (Fig. 5) you can verify the settings and click provision to proceed to provisioning.

Fig. 2: Step One

Fig. 3: Step Two

Fig. 4: Step Three

Fig. 5: Step Four