Password security

Additional measures have been implemented to enhance the security of user accounts. This is to protect our operators from possible security breaches and hackers etc.

During the login process the password entered will be checked to see if it has been listed on any "underground" sites.

Passwords are checked against the database which is continually updated.

Should the password be flagged it indicates that it may have been compromised and SIMPLer will not allow you to use it.

** Please note that a password being compromised does not mean that somebody has logged into SIMPLer with your UserID **

When attempting to change your password we have added in a feature that will "rate" your password strength as you type.

It will show Password Strength as Worst, Bad, Weak, Good and Strong.

SIMPLer will accept a password with a strength of "Good" or "Strong"

We recommend that you create a password with alphanumeric and special characters eg. SMe4j&@<

Published Date: [31/Jan/2020]

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