Third Party Access

Many operators want to be able to provide limited access to their system for third party users such as a sales team. SIMPLer has some functionality that can be used to provide this limited access by using a combination of user rights and sales groups.

1) Create a Sales Group

  • Go to the Settings Tab and choose Set Up Groups
  • Choose "Value Added Reseller", "Master Agent", or "Regional Sales Manager". It doesn't matter which you use but you only need to use one.
    • Click "Add Blank Row" and put in a Name for the sales group.
    • Click "Update Table" to save the group.

2) Create limited access user

    • Start to add a new user as you normally would but select the following options (in addition to the normal username, password and email settings)
      • Status = User
      • Under "Sales Items" choose the proper group from the sales list it was added to
      • Click "Clear All Rights"
      • Check ONLY very limited options. Some common examples are "customers - access", "customers - add", "customers - search", "customers - modify subscriptions" & "maintenance - access"
      • Save the customer

3) Customer Setup

    • Add the customer in the exact same way as you always would but now that you have defined a sales group you'll have an option to select that group on the "General" tab when adding the customer record. You'll also be able to update existing customers to add them to the sales group.

Note: It is highly recommended that you test the new user account prior to providing access details to the user. This will give you an opportunity to browse what the user would see and make sure you are comfortable with what is visible.

Make absolutely sure the sales groups are selected because that is how the access is limited for the user. They will only be able to see the tickets/accounts for customers that are in their group. If you don't assign the user to a group they will see tickets/accounts for all customers.