Adding Attachments in SIMPLer

SIMPLer users have the ability to attach files to the following areas of SIMPLer, using an external FTP server (set up by the operator):

a) individual subscriber records. (For contracts, etc)

b) sites pages. (For photographs of sites, etc)

c) maintenance tickets. (For images of broken equipment, etc)

d) equipment record. (For equipment related documents and images).

Below is a basic guide on how to set up and use the feature. Note that the FTP server must be set up by the operator before proceeding with the below:

1) Files are stored on an external FTP server provided by the Operator. The details are to be specified on the Global WISP Settings page (settings - modify WISP):

The IP address of the server is required, along with a user name and password. It is also important to specify a directory for customer attachments, maintenance, site and equipment attachments, so that they can be stored at different locations.

Fig. 1: FTP Server Setup

2) User access rights for attachments can be managed for individual user under the "users" tab:

Fig. 2: User Rights

3) Customer Attachments:

a) Once the FTP server details are provided and "access" right is granted for a user, a new section, "Last 5 Attachments", will appear on the Customer Details page. Below is a sample with three attachments listed:

Fig. 3.1: Last 5 attachments

b) Click "all.." to manage Customer Attachments. Click "Add" to upload new files.

Fig. 3.2: All Attachments

c) Click "Browse" to select the file that should be attached. Enter a description and select the appropriate access rights required. Finally click "Add" in order to upload the new file:

Fig. 3.3: Attach a file

d) After clicking "Add" the attachment will be uploaded to the FTP server and associated with customer record in SIMPLer.

The attachment can be downloaded by clicking the link.

Fig. 3.4: Attached Files

Note: The attachment added in this walkthrough has been classified as "billing information". This means that it will not be accessible or visible for users without "billing information" rights:

Fig. 3.5: Billing Information

Note: Some enhancements to the initial process are documented here!

4) Attachments to Sites:

Once the FTP server details have been set up as outlined above, an add attachments button will appear on the individual site pages and you can proceed with adding attachments.

Fig. 4: Add attachments to Site

5) Attachments to Maintenance Tickets:

The following details must be specified:

- FTP Server: Address

- FTP Server: Maintenance Data Directory

- FTP Server: Password

- FTP Server: Username

FTP Server: Maintenance Data Directory must be existing directory. Please make sure it is created (see example - Fig. 2)

Fig. 5.1. Creation of "ticket" directory

In order to access or modify attachments, user must have user rights "maintenance->access attachments" and "maintenance->modify attachments" specified. By default, all users should have these user rights enabled (Fig. 3).

Fig. 5.2. "access attachments" and "modify attachment" user rights

The user can add/delete/view attachments from "Maintenance" page (Fig. 4) and "Modify Maintenance" page (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5.3. Access attachments from "Maintenance" page

Fig. 5.4 Access attachments from "Modify Maintenance" page

In order to add an attachment, click the "Add attachment" button. The Console will show up. On the Console, you can review all attachments, add a new attachment and delete existing attachments. In order to download an attachment to your local machine, click on attachment name (Fig. 6).

Fig. 5.5 Attachment Widget

Note: Folder ID represents folder name/number created on external FTP server and is associated with the particular Maintenance Ticket.

6) Attachments to Equipment:

Once the FTP server details have been set up as outlined above, an add attachments button will appear on the individual equipment pages and you can proceed with adding attachments.

Important Note:

The FTP server is provided and administered by the operator, not by Azotel. This means that all issues relating to issues such as setup of the FTP server, ensuring adequate free space is available, backup of the data, data retention etc., are the responsibility of the operator.

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