Adding a User in SIMPLer

When an operator starts using SIMPLer, they will be set up with a user account as an "operator" by an Azotel administrator. Once they have logged into the system, they should be able to add users easily. The following steps outline adding users in SIMPLer:

Step One: Click on the Settings Tab as per fig. 1-1.

Fig. 1-1: Settings

Step Two: Once you have arrived at the settings page, select "Add a new user" as per Fig. 2-1.

Fig. 2-1: Add a new User

Step Three: Add your user as per the below screenshot. Items marked in red are required. However, those marked in green are options to be configured according to your preferences.

Fig. 3-1: Add a new User

Note 1: You may choose either operator or user status from the status dropdown as per fig. 3-1. The difference is that a user cannot add or modify another user.

Note 2: You will have the option to select or deselect certain rights for a user on the bottom part of the add a new user page. The function of each of these rights is documented at the following link:

Note 3: Information on user rights templates can be found at the following link:

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