2012-2Q: How to open an Azotel CI (Maintenance Ticket)

NEW: We have added a button for your convenience called "Add Azotel Ticket": If using this option you can skip to Step 4.

In order to open a CI requiring azotel attention please follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Go to the "Customers" tab and scroll down to Maintenance Tasks section of the page. (See fig. 1-1). New: You can now access the maintenance section from its own tab in the top bar of SIMPLer. Hover over maintenance and you will find a quick link to "add a maintenance ticket". This should bring you right up to Step 4.

Step 2: Click "Maintenance" button. (See fig. 1-1)

Fig 1-1. Customers - maintenance

Step 3: In order to add a new maintenance ticket, click "Add' button (See fig. 2-1)

Fig. 2-1 Add maintenance ticket

Step 4: Fill in required fields. Make sure you insert a title and a brief description of your problem (See fig. 3-1). You must choose a customer, site or piece of equipment to associate to your ticket. If you start typing the name you are looking for, if it is in the database it should appear in the box.

NOTE. Please do not forget to change "Type" to "azotel" or "azotel-feature" if your issue relates to feature request. All other types are used for your own internal issues and will not be sent to azotel support staff.

Fig. 3-1 Maintenance ticket page

Step 5. Specify the priority of your issue as per figure 4-1.

NOTE. Priority 1 is the highest (can be used ONLY for issues that are currently affecting customer service) and larger numbers mean lower priority.

Step 6. Click "Add" button (See Fig. 4-1)

Fig. 4-1 Specify priority

Your ticket will be sent to azotel support staff once the correct type has been selected.

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