2010-2Q: SIMPLer: DHCP support for more than one WIB in parallel

When an operator is using DHCP in their network, and has more than one WIB in parallel serving that network, it is necessary to designate one WIB as the DHCP server for the network - this WIB will hand out DHCP leases for clients of all of the WIBs which are in parallel. DHCP should be disabled on the other WIBs so that only one WIB will reply to DHCP requests.

In order to indicate which WIBs are in parallel, go to network -> Gateway details and select the WIB which is to act as master (i.e. the WIB which will have the DHCP server running on it). In the field "DHCP Adjacent WIBs" list any WIBs which are in parallel to this WIB (in the example below, the config for WIB 100 has WIB 101 listed as an adjacent WIB), and save the configuration. Note the list of adjacent WIBs may be space or comma separated.

In this case when the DHCP configruation file is generated for WIB 100, any customer and equipment details for WIB 101 will also be include in the configuration file.

NOTE: In general it will be necessary to make updates to the DHCP configuration file for the master WIB to include defintions of the subnets that exist on the parallel WIBs - this is so that the DHCP server on the master can give out the leases. This may be done either by writing a custom DHCP config (using the "Custom DHCP Config" field) or by including extra subnets in the WIB config - please contact Azotel support for help.

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