2009-4Q: NETH: Ability for SMS alerts to be sent to Multiple mobiles

There is now the ability to list more than one mobile (Cell) to receive an SMS alert. In addition there is the facility to "remember" multiple numbers in the SIMPLer database, to make it easy to turn on/off additional mobiles. The following fields are now available in the WISP Settings (i.e Settings - Modify WISP shown in Fig. 1).

    • Alert mobiles: List all mobiles (Cell phone) which are to receive SMS alerts. Note that only mobiles that have been added under "Mobile List" can be added.

    • Mobile list: The list of all mobiles stored by SIMPLer.

Fig. 1: WISP Settings

On the Modify WISP page (Fig. 1) The fields can be located under the Contact Details sub-section as per Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Mobiles List

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