2022-2Q: [EUP] Authorize.Net - EUP Auto Payment update

Although operators had SPID settings to not allow customers to sign up for Auto Payment, on credit cards / banking details, a popup box was still appearing which was allowing customers to enable Auto Payment. This issue with Authorize.Net has been resolved.

We have tied the options "EUP Auto Payment (Bank Account) Sign Up" and "EUP Auto Payment (Credit Card) Sign Up" with authorize.NET so that if either of these are set  Auto Payment will not be an option on the EUP.

Fig 1: SPID settings – EUP Auto Payment (Authorize.Net)

Following these updates, another new feature has been added to the Authorize.net payment Gateway setup - END_USER_PORTAL_EDIT_FORM_MODE. Some Operators do not allow customers to sign up for Auto-payment via the EUP and require a physical signature, if they are wanting to set up auto-payment.

We notices an issue, when customers were already setup on Auto-payment and went in to edit their credit card, or account information, they were able to edit / add a new card number, as well as edit the expiration date and ccv, when this should not be possible.

This is because when the customer hits the ‘Edit’ Button, they are taken to an Authorize.net hosted page, which is out of our control and allows the user to edit everything, including the card number. The Auto-Payment Status of edited credit card record would not change.

Instead of redirecting customer to the hosted page to edit their payment details, the API function "updateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest” will b used instead and pass only masked credit card number and new expiration date.

Fig 1: SPID settings – EUP Auto Payment (Authorize.Net)

Published Date: 15-July-2022

Updated Date:  19 Feb 2024

Engineer: PD

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