2010-3Q: PROVISIONING: Provision Now Support For Ubiquiti Nanostations

  • Connect to the unit at the default IP address (what is this???)

  • Set station mode, scan and connect to AP (if security is being used, you will need to enable the WEP/WPA key to connect to the AP)

  • Put installer IP address on unit (x.x.x.190-199)

  • Enable Telnet

  • Set Host Name (on the System tab) to the customer's nickname

  • Provision Now!

  • Verify the settings on the Network tab look OK

  • Set the unit password

Some notes:

    • Provisioning the nanostations is a little slower than Canopy - takes about 30-40 seconds to auto-prov, and about 15-20 seconds to toggle NAT on/off. (this is because we have to interact with the nanostation over telnet, and upload the config file, which is a bit tedious - the nanostations do not support SNMP write)

    • We do not set the password on the unit at the end of the provision (this is the same as Canopy) - it is up to the installer to set the password once they are sure that all is OK.

    • We will used the default username/password (ubnt/ubnt) to access the unit. If this fails, we try the username "ubnt" and the "canopy" password that is stored in WISPer (users -> Modify WISP -> Network details -> Canopy Password).

    • NAT on/off works as expected. If NAT is on, the equipment IP address is added as an alias, so both the customer IP and equipment IP will be assigned to the unit. This will allow the unit to be monitored by NETH as usual, and allow the signal strength graphs to work.

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