2014-1Q: Network: Activate CPE IP

There has been a set of updates added to SIMPLer that ultimately should simplify the setup process for customers whose CPE units do not support multiple IP addresses i.e. where a CPE unit utilises one IP address for both management and customer traffic. Up till now in such situations operator had to add an equipment to customer details plus additionally add an entry to the customer IP table and maintain both manually in case of any further updates. Going forward - operator can select 'Activate IP' option for each customer equipment entry and an IP table entry will be created an maintained automatically.


Once this option is selected for any equipment entry and the CPE table is updated - SIMPLer will automatically add and maintan appropiate IP entries to customer IP table

These IP table entries will not be editable from the "Modify IP" table - and can only be edited when editing equipment details.

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