2019-4Q: Send Emails on Trigger

A new feature has been added to enhance the Emails functionality. It allows for an operator to send a fully flexible emails on any trigger we have implemented in SIMPLer. In another words an email with any Subject/Message can be send following

  • Customer Details Change
  • Customer Status Change
  • Customer Auto-Payment Change
  • Product Change
  • Equipment Change
  • Credit Card Change
  • EFT Change
  • Invoice Change
  • Trigger on Bucket Change
  • Subscription Change
  • Customer Subscription
  • Customer SAND Notification
  • RADIUS Username Change
  • RADIUS Send Coa / Pod
  • Customer Equipment Synchronize
  • Credit Card Failed Payment Counter Change
  • EFT Failed Payment Counter Change
  • Email Account Change
  • Customer CPE Change
  • and more as this list will get bigger as we add triggers in

Triggered based interface for remote APIs is documented under below link:


To make use of this feature:

1. Navigate to Triggers page

2. Add 'Email on Trigger'

Fig 2. Setting up Email on trigger

Following are fields:

    • Triggers - defines for what triggers email should be sent (i.e. screenshot example will send emails on customer status changes)
    • Condition - allows defining an additional condition that can be used to send email on some pre-set condition (i.e. screenshot example will send emails on customer status change to 'waiting for provision')
    • Email_To - address email will be sent to
    • Email_Cc - address email a copy of email will be sent to
    • Email_Bcc - address email a silent copy of email will be sent to
    • Email_Subject - email subject - it's format is flexible and allows use of variables (i.e. %%customerid%% will be replaced with respective customer CustomerID as defined in SIMPLer)
    • Email_Message - email body - it's format is flexible and allows use of variables. If the Message is left blank it will send an email listing ALL available variables for a particular trigger

Useful link to WiKi:


Published Date: 28/Oct/2019

Change History Log:

28/Oct/2019 Maciej

19/Feb/2020 HLombard

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