2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Automatic Equipment Parent Associations

A feature has been added to the SIMPLer platform that will now allow SIMPLer to automatically make parent-child relationships between a customer's radio equipment and the access point that it is connected to. Currently this system only works with Motorola Canopy subscriber modules and Ubiquity Nanostations.

1) When using the "Provision Now" feature under the tools tab SIMPLer will poll the SM for the MAC address of the AP that it is connected to. It will then compare that MAC address to equipment listed under network->Equipment details. If it finds a match SIMPLer will automatically setup the Parent relationship on the SM. Keep in mind that the format of the MAC address polled from the SM is "xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx". If SIMPLer cannot find an exact match with existing equipment then no relationship is established.

Figure 1 - Equipment Details

2) The parent relationship will be checked every time the provision tool (CPE tool) on the customer details page is used (even if no updates are made).

Figure 2 - Equipment Provisioning from Customer Details Page

Figure 3 - CPE Tool

3) If the AP has changed since the last viewing the parent relationship will be updated. However, if the equipment cannot be polled then the last known parent information will be displayed highlighed in red with the prefix [From database].

Figure 4 - CPE Tool with SM Communication Error

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