2009-4Q: EUP: Automatic "End User Portal" activation

A new feature regarding the End User Portal has been introduced. These options are available on a global basis to the Operator under the general Operator settings i.e. "Users->Add/Modify WISP"

Under the main "Add/Modify WISP" page:

(1) Go to the "SIMPLer Settings" section (under Subscriber Auto Disconnect)

"EUP - Activate "End User Portal" and automatically email password to customer"

When set "on", the End User Portal password is automatically generated when adding a new customer to SIMPLer and an email is sent to the customer with information about their login/password details.

(2) Under the "End User Portal Passwords" section, an option has been added to force a password change on first login to the EUP.

When enabled, customers will be required to change their password during the first login session.