2017-4Q: SIMPLer: Update WIB Files Alerts

A new option has been added to the WISP Settings (Settings - Modify WISP) to allow operators to hide the reminder alerts to inform that the WIBs are out of sync and need to be updated.

Fig. 1: Settings - Modify WISP

Fig. 2: Update WIB Files Alerts

The option to disable these warnings is called "Main Menu: Update WIB Files Alert". When enabled it will display those reminders to update the WIB files. When disabled they will not be displayed. It is recommended to keep these alerts enabled in networks where the WIB is controlling customer traffic as operators may forget to make important updates if they are not visible.

Fig. 3: Update WIB Files Alert

Please click "Update WISP" at the top or bottom of the page if this setting is changed, to register the update.