2014-1Q: (v001): Support for TowerCoverage

SIMPLer has been updated to support TowerCoverage. Operators who are using TowerCoverage, (http://www.towercoverage.com/) to create coverage maps now have the ability to send information created under Tower Coverage into subscriber records in SIMPLer. To enable communication between the two sites:

1) You must firstly be a Tower Coverage Customer.

2) Contact support@azotel.com to ask for Tower Coverage credentials to be generated.

3) Once you have received the credentials go to the EUS API tab on TowerCoverage and enter the credentials here.

Typically, customers will have a form from Tower Coverage integrated into their website. Once the communication between SIMPLer and TowerCoverage API has been set up, information, name, address, contact details, details of coverage generated from Tower Coverage, etc will be passed to SIMPLer as a subscriber record as per Fig. 1 below.

Fig. 1: Information pulled form Tower Coverage to SIMPLer

From SIMPLer there are two options that can be customised for the information coming from Tower Coverage. The following can be defined by operators under settings - modify WISP:

1) Set a prefix for the customer ID/nickname for customers added via Tower Coverage.

2) Set the default status for customers added via Tower Coverage.