2009-4Q: PROVISIONING: Installer Tracking Feature (ITF)

The "Installer Tracking" feature is useful where more than one install team is working in your network. An extract from the WISPer manual giving details of this feature is attached - the full manual is available for download from the Azotel document server.

ITF highlights:

    • Allows an installer to be assigned to any open maintenance issue

    • Allows the operator to record any payments due to the installer for work on the issue

    • Installers will get daily emails detailing issues waiting on them

    • An new "installation" maintenance issue is automatically opened when a customer is moved to the "waiting for install" state, and automatically closed when the go to any other state (e.g. "current", "survey failed", etc).

    • The operator can drill down through the lists of installer issues to get details of the work done/assigned-to each installer, payments made, due, etc.

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