2011-1Q: EFT processing - Consolidate Customer Payments for a bank account

1. Consolidate Customer Payments Overview

A feature has been added that allows to consolidate in the EFT file all customer payments to a specified bank account. If this feature is set tu "on" for an operator account, while creating an EFT file, system will add amounts of customer payments for each bank accounts - the resulting EFT file will carry one row per each customer bank account. Note that in the lodgement representaion in the SIMPLer system will remain exactly the same i.e each individual payment position remain being listed under the Lodgements page.

The feature can be very helpful when there are several invoices in the system against one customer account, especially when some of them are "credit" invoices. Using this feature can help putting all the payment figures for a customer together and claiming only the oustanding amount.

2. Feature Setup

The feature is setup from the "Banking Details" section of the "Modify Operator" page. By default the feature is turned off.

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