2018-2Q (v003): CRM: Send SMS (Clickatell, ZipWhip and Zingle)

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that will let Operators integrate their customer base with a SMS gateway. That will let Operators send Mass SMS for a group of customers (for instance in case of network failure send SMS to customers assigned to a given failing site) or send an SMS individually to a customer.

Phone numbers must be sorted out in SIMPLer system in order to deliver a message properly to a destination. Each mobile phone number should have (M) label before the number itself.

Currently we have support for Clickatell, Zingle and ZipWhip SMS gateway. If the Operator has a Clickatell API account (Developers Central) or ZipWhip account created they can integrate with the SIMPLer system. To configure your Clickatell or ZipWhip details in SIMPLer please visit the settings tab and click on "SMS Gateways" as per Fig. 1. For Zingle setup please see note further below

Fig. 1: SMS Gateways

On the next page click "add blank row" and depending on your SMS gateway provider you will be asked for the following Settings as per Fig. 2.1 (Clickatell) or Fig. 2.2 (ZipWhip):

Clickatell settings:

  • API_ID: Numeric API ID received from Clickatell

  • FROM: Source Address received from Clickatell. This is an optional field and usually specifies a sending phone number for text messages. The format should not include dashes or any similar characters. For example 123445556777777, where the first number is the country code.

  • MO: enter the value 1 to this field.

  • PASSWORD: Password Received from Clickatell


  • USERNAME: Username received from Clickatell

  • Use for NETH: Check this box if you would like to use your own account for the Network Health Alerts sent out from SIMPLer

SMS Clickatell config

Fig. 2.1: SMS Gateway Configuration Clickatell

Click "update SMS Gateways" to register your changes and start using the feature.

ZipWhip settings:

  • PASSWORD: Password Received from ZipWhip

  • USERNAME: Username received from ZipWhip

  • Use for NETH: Check this box if you would like to use your own account for the Network Health Alerts sent out from SIMPLer

SMS ZipWhip config

Fig. 2.2: SMS Gateway Configuration ZipWhip

Zingle settings:

This one is little tricky as it requires generating AUTHORIZATION_CODE and pulling CHANNEL_TYPE_ID, CHANNEL_VALUE and SERVICE_ID. AUTHORIZATION_CODE is needed to avoid entering username and password under SIMPLer settings (username/password used are the same as logging in to the portal via web). Unless operator is familiar with API calls and can generate AUTHORIZATION_CODE and pull up other required values by themselves they should provide USERNAME and PASSWORD to support@azotel.com


Fig. 2.3: SMS Gateway Configuration Zingle

Click "update SMS Gateways" to register your changes and start using the feature.

To access the feature please hover over the customers tab as per Fig. 3 and click "Send Mass SMS".

Fig. 3. Link to "Send Mass SMS" feature

You will arrive on the page shown in Fig. 4 where you can use the menus to make a selection of customers to message. Enter your text message and prepare to send.

Fig. 4. "Send Mass SMS" feature

Individual messages can also be sent from a customer account by clicking the "send SMS" button as per Fig, 5.

Fig. 5. Link to individual "Send SMS" feature

SAND: Send SMS Notification

New feature has been added which will allow SMS gateway enabled Operators to send SAND SMS notifications to their customers.

In order to get it enabled the following SMS gateway options have to be turned on, ie. they need to be set to 1

Another condition is to define the SMS body. It has to be define under WISP Settings -> Operator Emails/SMS section:

In case of SMS only Body field is required. The following types represent different SMS messages:















Note that if type with a body is not configured then SMS will not get sent.

Note that in order to receive a message customer must have at least one mobile phone configured correctly with full international extension on their account. If you need help with correcting phone numbers in the database please contact support@azotel.com