2014-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: External Tax Calculators support

A support for external tax calculators has been added to SIMPLer. It allows the SIMPLer platform to use external companies such as SureTax to address tax calculations. This allows operators where a complicated tax system in their respective countries (such as might be implemented in parts of the U.S) to offload maintaining tax array up to date to an external service.

Currently SIMPLer supports the following tax calculators:

Please get in contact and organise an account with any of the above companies if you wish to proceed with using external tax calculation.

Once you have organised an account with a supported external tax calculation company and have it's API details to hand - you may proceed with setting the Tax Calculator in SIMPLer.

    • Click on 'Settings' in SIMPLer as per Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Settings

    • From the left side menu click on 'Tax Calculators' as per fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Tax Calculators

    • Click on 'Add Blank Row' on the 'Tax Calculators' page to add a tax calculator account to SIMPLer, as per fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Add Blank Row

    • Select the tax calculation module - fill out the API account details (as you have received from the external tax calculating company), then click on 'Update Tax Calculator' button to submit these details. (See Fig. 4)

Fig. 4: API Details

For SureTax tax calculation module module please fill out the following details:

    • BusinessUnit - this attribute is optional and can be used to 'mark' operations coming from SIMPLer platform if multiple entities are using SureTax

    • ClientNumber - API client number - provided by SureTax

    • URI - API URL address - provided by SureTax

    • ValidationKey - API validation key - provided by SureTax

    • RegulatoryCode - regulatory code of an operator

          • 99 – Default (should be used for non-Telecom services.)

          • 00 – ILEC

          • 01 – IXC

          • 02 – CLEC

          • 03 – VOIP

          • 04 – ISP

          • 05 – Wireless

    • Click on 'Tax Exemption Options', under your settings tab, as per fig. 5, to define all tax exemption options if required/supported by the tax calculation module.

Fig. 5: Tax Exemption Options

Fig. 6: Tax Exemption Options

    • Go to the Products page and for each product that should be using an external calculator select 'SureTax' as the 'Tax Mode' option. See Fig. 7 for location.

Fig. 7: Tax Mode

Fig. 8: Nominal Details

    • For each customer subscription where tax calculator is to be used, the appropiate tax calculator module must be selected in the 'Tax Mode' field as shown in Fig. 9. The system will automatically start using the external tax calculator while calculating the subscription details and invoice positions.

Fig. 9: Subscription Tax Details

  • Tax calculation will be done on the fly once the tax calculator module is selected. Live results can be revieved from 'Susbcription Details' section on customer details page, as shown in Fig. 10.

Fig. 10: Live Tax calculations

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