2020-2Q: Form 477 - Fixed Voice and Product Subscription (fvs & fbs)

The Form 477 has been improved to include Voice Subscriptions. The new feature also brings flexibility to setup a Tech code for each product (subscription).

To make use of this feature:

1. Custom Fields need to be created for the Products.

Through menu Settings > Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Fig. 1 Create Custom Fields

2. Under menu Settings > Modify WISP find Form 477 section to complete the custom field ID's.

In the custom field the Techcode or Voice Service Type will need to be selected from the dropdown menu

Product and for Voice.

WISP Form 477 product ID

Fig. 2 Form 477 WISP Settings

3. A choice can be made from three Count Method options on how the data will reflect in the 477 Form for Product and VoIP.

a) Count All Lines: will look at each customer and count each subscription as a separate entity (every subscription is added to the report)

E.g. 5 customers each with 2 subscriptions will report a count of 10

b) Count All Lines + Respect Quantity: for each customer their subscription is looked at but the qty of the subscription is counted

E.g. 1 customer with 2 subscription, one with qty of 3 and 4 respectively. Report will count of 7

c) Consolidate Similar Techcodes Into One: If a customer has multiple same subscriptions these will consolidate and show as one count

E.g. 1 customer with 3 same subscriptions will report count of 1

Count Method

Fig. 3 Select a Count Method

4. Minimum Amount

Default is zero. This means a product with an amount less than zero will not be included in 477 report.

It is possible to set different amounts for VoIP and product or keep same settings for both.

Product Minimum

Fig. 4 a Product Minimum Amount

VoIP Minimum

Fig 4b. VoIP Minimum Amount

5. For each Product the Techcode and/ or Voice Service can be selected under the Custom Field section

Product Custom Fields for Form 477

Fig 5. Update Products Custom Fields

Important Information:

With this new feature the Form 477 - Tech Code section under a customer account is no longer relevant . This will be kept for legacy reason for Operators who will continue use of the older version of Form 477.

Useful links to wiki documentation on Form 477:

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Form 477 - Updates

Published Date: May 4, 2020

Change History Log:

May 18, 2020

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