2021-3Q: [CRM] EBB Report

A report has been developed for US Operators that are part of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.

A list of customers that are assigned to the EBB discount product will appear in this report.

To make use of this feature:

1. Create an EBB discount product (Figure 1)

2. Create a custom field if you would like to record the EBB ID in the report (Figure 2)

Fig 1: Create an EBB discount product

Fig 2: Create an EBB ID custom field

3. To run the report hover over "Tools" and click => Reports

Select report => EBB

Select the EBB Product/s

Select the EBB ID field if this is being used

Fig 3: EBB Report

Published Date: 20-October-2021

Engineer: PD

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