2010-2Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Search for Customers by Site & Basestation

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer which gives an operator the ability to search for customers by site or basestation based on either the "colour" or "parent" field.

Selecting the Search Method

Under global settings (i.e. "Users -> Modify WISP") there is an option to select whether searching should be based on parent or colour:

Searching by Colour

When using this method, the colour values associated with the specified site and/or basestation will be determined, and all customers with a matching colour value will be included in the results. This method will only provide the correct results if colour values have been correctly configured and are unique to each site/basestation.

Searching by Parent

The limitations associated with searching by colour can be overcome by using the parent field instead. If the parent field is correctly configured then each customer piece of customer equipment can only be associated with one site/basestation. If the parent field is not correctly configured, then this method will provide incorrect results.

The parent field can be set up on the Equipment details page (i.e "Network->Equipment details -> add"):

Searching for Customers

To search for particular customers by site or basestation, click the "customers" tab and use the available search form. The new options are placed on the right-hand side of the search form underneath the existing "Colour" option.

The dropdown lists contain all sites and all basestations, respectively. After selecting a site or basestation or both, and clicking on the "View Customer List / Search " button, customers who are associated with the specified site and/or basestation will be displayed.

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