2020-3Q: Network: IPv6 Delegated Prefix Support

SIMPLer has been updated to add support for RADIUS Delegated-IPv6-Prefix attribute. When adding an IPv6 prefix to a customer's IP table you can indicated if this is a "delegated" prefix rather than a framed prefix. Delegated prefixes will result in a Delegated-IPv6-Prefix attribute being added for the customer's RADIUS username rather than a Framed-IPv6-Prefix attribute.

To make use of this feature:

  • 1) IPv6 prefixes can be added under Network -> Interface Details -> IPV6. When adding a prefix select Role "Customer" for regular prefixes and "Delegated" for delegated prefixes:

Fig 1.a Adding a Delegated Prefix

Fig 1.b Prefix Role

  • 2) When adding an IP/IPv6 Prefix to the customer's IP table (customer details -> Customer IP Table -> modify), a Generate IPv6 Prefix section will appear if IPv6 Prefixes have been defined. From the drop-down you can select the type of prefix to add and the number of prefixes to add. The label on the drop-down will indicated if the prefix is a regular (Customer) or delegated (Delegated) prefix:

Fig 2.a Generating IPv6 Prefix

  • 3) If manually adding an IPv6 prefix to the customer's IP table, a new checkbox "IPv6 Delegated" will indicate if this prefix should be classed as a regular prefix or a delegated prefix. If ticked, a Delegated-IPv6-Prefix attribute will be added rather than a Framed-IPv6-Prefix. Note that the checkbox will be set automatically if the prefix is generated by SIMPLer - it only needs to be ticked if the prefix is entered manually.

Fig 3.a IPv6 Delegated checkbox

  • 4) Once the updates are saved, Framed-IPv6-Prefix and/or Delegated-IPv6 RADIUS attributes will be written to the Individual Reply RADIUS table.

Published Date: 20/July/2020

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