2013-4Q (v002): RADIUS: Synchronise Radius Groups from Buckets - 'Default Group' Options

A new feature has been added to the system that allows operator to define what RADIUS groups a customer connection should be defaulted to in cases where:

    • the customer is not assigned to any buckets

  • there are no RADIUS groups for the 'networking' state the customer is on (i.e. 'current', 'disconnected', 'throttled') defined under the traffic bucket the customer is associated with.

There has been a set of options added to 'Auto update Traffic Shaping Buckets / RADIUS Groups' section of the 'Modify WISP' page. The 'Synchronise RADIUS Groups from Buckets - Action when no groups are assigned to a bucket' option must be set to 'Remove All / Apply DEFAULT RADIUS groups' as highlighted in Fig. 1. There are three DEFAULT RADIUS group options:

    • Default 'Current' RADIUS Group

    • Default 'Disconnected' RADIUS Group

    • Default 'Throttled' RADIUS Group

These fields specify a RADIUS group that will be used for 'current' / 'disconnected' / 'throttled' customer usernames in cases where a customer account is not associated to any bucket or the associated bucket does not have any RADIUS groups defined.

Fig. 1: Auto update Traffic Shaping Buckets / RADIUS Groups

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