2014-4Q: SAND: Usage Exemption CAP

A feature has been added that allows an operator to define a CAP on an Exempted Usage periods. Once CAP is breached in the Usage cycle - Usage Exemption periods will be de-activated for a particular customer till the next Usage cycle (i.e. 1st of next month) and all Usage will be listed in the main Usage counter.

Exempted Period CAP can be activated from product settings with 'Traffic Allowance - Exempted Period [GB]' option as shown on the below screenshot.

One a CAP is specified on an exempted period - it will appear on the products page as shown on the below screenshot

It will also appear on the customer details page under both subscriptions and Usage Summary sections as presented on below screenshots.

The exempted period traffic allowance can be overridden for at a customer level as per below screenshots:

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