2017-1Q: Billing: Generate Multiple Bad Debt Notes

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer that will allow Operators to generate bad debt notes against multiple invoices at once. It would save the Operator's time when generating bad debt notes as it will require only selecting the invoices, setting up the date and clicking "Generate Bad Debts" button.

Additionally there has been an option added to change the Customer POST status reason (for instance in case the customer was suspended by SAND and it is required to change them to a different permanent POST reason).

Note that once the process to generate bad debts is started the aged debtor page will get locked until all notes are generated.

In order to use this feature one has to go to Invoices -> Aged Debtor Reports, select "details" from Report Type and click "Generate"

Fig. 1: Invoices - Aged Debtor Reports

This will list the detailed information about each outstanding invoice that can be selected and then a bad debt note will be generated against it.

Fig. 2: Create Bad Debt Notes

Fig. 3: Bad Debt CheckBox

Below (Fig. 4) is an example of a POST customer whose reason can be changed.

Fig. 4: Change Post Reason