2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Custom Fields in Customer Record


Customer fields allow operators to define custom fields to store additional details within a customer's account. Informational fields such as a contract date can be stored in this format.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be defined from the “Custom Customer Fields” page located in the “Miscellaneous” section of the “users” page in the SIMPLer system. Access to custom fields is also conveniently located by hovering over the SETTINGS menu and clicking on CUSTOM FIELDS.

Figure 2-1 Accessing the “Custom Fields” page

A Custom Field entry is defined by several attributes such as:

Label: Defines how the field should look when being filled out in SIMPLer. For example, a field required for "date of birth" could be given a shorter label such as "DOB"

Note: The note will explain the purpose of the field. For example, the "note" for "DPB" could be "enter a customer's date of birth".

Type: There are a number of different types available:

  • Text field: Creates a small text field to populate with free text.

  • Text Area: Creates a large text area to populate with free text.

  • Scrolling List: Define options to select from a drop-down type menu.

  • Radio Group: Define options to select from a radio group.

  • CheckBox Group: Define options to select using a check box.

  • Date: Creates a small calendar where you can select a date using day, month and year.

  • Installers: Pulls a list of installer names that are defined in Maintenance->Installers as a scrolling list.

    • Sales Team:Pulls a list of sales team names that are defined in Customers, Sales Tracking->Sales Team as a scrolling list.

  • Action: Ties in with external tools to perform a specific action.

Options: This field is used in conjunction with scrolling list, radio group, check box group. Enter the different options you would like to choose from, separated by a comma.

Default Value: From the OPTIONS defined, choose one of these to have selected by DEFAULT.

Length: Define a maximum length of the custom field entry.

Mandatory: If "yes" is selected, you will not be able to proceed with adding a customer unless the field is populated.

On this page there also is an option to generate spreadsheet with all customers who have custom fields populated with correspondent values.

Figure 2-2 “Custom Customer Fields” page f

Customer Page

Customer details” page displays all customer fields under the “Custom Fields” section.

Figure 3-1 “Customer Details” page

Custom Fields can be modified under the “Custom Fields” tab of the “Modify Customer” page. Fields will be pre-populated with default values at the first time they appear on the page. Any mandatory fields will need to be filled on order to update customer information.

Figure 3-2 “Modify Customer” page

Customer Search

Custom fields can also be searched for containing specified value:

Figure 4-1 “Search Engine” page

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