2012-2Q (v002): Google Contacts Integration

A new system has been integrated within the SIMPLer system that allows the synchronisation of customer contacts with Google Contacts Feature. Basically, SIMPLer will check periodically whether SIMPLer and Google Contacts are in sync and will update Google Contacts accordingly.

In order to enable the feature, the user must have the appropriate user rights set ("user->gcontact") - Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. User Rights

The Google Account used to store Customer Contacts must be specified (Users->Google Accounts - under Miscellaneous section - Fig 2.). It is allowed to specify multiple accounts Fig 3.

NOTE: The Google Account password is stored safely and is encrypted.

Fig.2. Google Contacts Link

Fig. 3. Google Contact Accounts

There are 3 (three) main features:

1) Script run periodically - once per day (5 am) that will synchronize specified google account with customer contacts. One will find customer details under "Contacts " - "Azotel SIMPLer - %WISP%" group within Google Account (Fig.4a)

Fig. 4a. Google Contacts

There is also possibility to run synchronization script from SIMPLer level (Customers -> "General" section -> "Synchronize Google Contacts" button Fig. 4b).

Please note that this button is not available if:

A) User does not have appropriate user rights.

B) Process that synchronize google accounts is already running,e.g. it has been run by another user and has not finished yet.

Fig. 4b. Synchronize Google Contacts

2. Ability to synchronize customer contact directly from customer account in SIMPLer (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5. Google Contacts Sync button

3. Ability to download VCard (Fig. 6, 7, 8).

NOTE: Google Contacts Sync is associated with Google Accounts specified under Users->Google Contacts while VCard is emailed directly to the User.

Fig. 6. Vcard download

Fig 7. Import To Contacts

Fig. 8. Imported VCard

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