2011-1Q: Map: Google Earth Integration

Operator's map feature has now been released to work in Google Earth mode.

Here is the list of available features within this release (mostly replicated from existing Google Map integration):

- displaying customer and sites grouped by status

- highlighting network failures of monitored equipment

- display customer/site details after clicking on marker

- ability to list equipment of specified customer/site along with network health status

- highlighting path between customer and associated site

- auto zoom in when page loads to display overview of all markers

- preserving view state (e.g. settings, camera position) when page loads (click "Reset view state" to restore default view)

- refreshing data every 5 minutes in background to reflect status changes

- ability to download KMZ file to use externaly with Google Earth application (some of the features may not be available outside SIMPLer)

- ability to display external layers (3D terrain, roads etc.) provided by Google

To display the map in Earth view click on >> Google Earth View << link on navigation panel on the right (A page will reload displaying operator's map using Google Earth plugin):

Azotel | River House | Blackpool Park | Cork | Ireland

US +1-312-239-0680 | IE +353-21-234-8100 | UK +44-207-193-4170 | SA +27-11-083-6900