2021-2Q: [ACC] Automatic Emailing of Customer Statements – addition of a Bcc email address and Ageing to Cronjob

A new feature has been added to the cronjob for emailing customer statements automatically.

Operators are now able to send the statements to a Bcc email address.

We have also added in the ability to determine which customers receive a statement based on ageing.

To make use of this feature:

1. Click => Settings

Scroll down to => Cronjob on the left, under Miscellaneous

Fig 1: Accessing the Cronjob page

2. Click “Add Blank Row” and select “Email Customer Statements”

Fig 2: Adding the Cronjob

3. Add in the Bcc email address if you would like this to be enabled

4. Enter the number of days under “Invoice Age (in days)”

Should an operator only want to send a statement to customers who are “x” days overdue they are able to set this under “Invoice Age (in days)”, e.g. in the case where a statement should be sent to customers with any invoice aged by 45 days you enter “45” in this field. The statement, showing all invoices outstanding, will be sent to customers with one or more invoices that have aged by 45 days

Fig 3: Edit the Cronjob

4. Once you are complete don’t forget to click “Update Cronjobs”

Published Date: 25-May-2021

Engineer: PD

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