2022-1Q: [CRM] Clickatell – Opt-In / Out

A new feature has been added to improve the functionality of Clickatell within SIMPLer.

Operators now have the ability to control Opt-In & Opt-Out functionality, i.e. whether a customer receives an SMS or not.

1. To set the default behaviour for newly added customers go to

=> Settings

=> Modify WISP

=> New Customer - SMS Enabled and select on / off

Fig 1: WISP Setting: New Customer – SMS Enabled

2. Should a customer contact an Operator requesting that they Opt-Out from receiving SMSs it is now possible to go to the customer account page and manually disable this under “SMS Disabled (Opt Out)”

Fig 2: Customer Account: Opt-Out from receiving SMSs

Published Date: 16-February-2022

Engineer: PD

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